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Tronimal – Leaving Earth – Remix-Contest

Remix Contest

1st place – Nintendo Game Boy incl. BennVenn’s El-Cheapo SD V1.9 (Game Boy Flashcard for Micro SD) incl 4GB Micro SD Card
2nd place – BennVenn’s El-Cheapo SD V1.9 (Game Boy Flashcard for Micro SD)
3rd place – surprise win
* In addition, all participants will get a free copy of the new Tronimal CD of course!

Terms and Conditions: Submit Tronimal Remix Contest Entry!

The best entry wins! ***
Winner will be identified by Tronimal and notified.
*Each participant should contact Tronimal by e-mail beforehand in order to clarify the basic conditions
and to get the needed audio data for the desired remix.
The competition is only for GEMA-free artists and bands!
Exceptions after agreement maybe possible!
(Submission: Audio as LSDJsng or export as WAV (-3dB), no mastering, no post-EQing!)
**Each participant agrees that the created remix may be published by Tronimal.
For example on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, CD or similar.
The rights of use go to Tronimal. Copyright remains by the creator if desired.

***Among all Remix-Contest participants a second and third place will be determined by voting.
These participants will also get a small surprise win!

IMPORTANT! The competition starts on 01.06.2018 and ends on 28.06.2018!
PS: The new album is coming in August! Pre-order from mid-June.

Any questions?