Game Boy Mods

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In Zukunft soll hier eine möglicht vollständige Liste zum Thema Game Boy (DMG) Mods entstehen.

  1. Backlight Mod
    Build a backlight into your Game Boy!
  2. Bivert Mod -> switchable Bivert Mod
    Invert the image twice for better contrast!
  3. 5V Converter Mod / DC Converter Mod
    Add a 5V regulator board for heavy modded consoles.
  4. 3″ Display
    A larger Display for your Game Boy!
  5. IPS Display
    New Displays for best results!
    RIPS, funnyplaying IPS, etc.
  6. Pro Sound Mod -> Line, RCA, XLR
    Better Sound for Soundsystems.
  7. Bass Mod
    Boost / Reduce cutoff Bass Frequencies a little.
  8. Anti whine / Anti noise Mod
    Avoid whine noise after mods.
  9. Bluetooth Audio Mod
    Add a bluetooth transmitter!
  10. Overclock / Underclock
    Change the clock speed.
  11. Variable Clock / Pitch
    Change the clockspedd with a potentiometer.
  12. SGB CPU Mod
    Faster booting.
  13. FPGA -> VGA, Composite, HDMI
    Upgrade to VGA! Use Porchie, Easy VGA or GB Consolizer.
  14. Arduinoboy / Teensy -> built in
    Midi enable your Game Boy!
  15. Dual Arduinoboy
    Control 2 Game Boys with a single Arduino.
  16. LSDJMC2
    Midi enable your Game Boy the oldschool way!
  17. 1×3 DMG-07 Mod
    4 Player Adapter sync.
  18. Analog Sync
    Analog sync option for lsdj and nanoloop.
  19. PS2 Socket / PS2 Cable -> LSDJ Keyboard
  20. Cutoff / Lowpass Filter Mod
    needs research!
    RC Filter 3:15
    Super simple build! 1 10k pot and 1 100nf ceramic capacitor and 2 jack sockets mess around with values! and types of capacitors. the larger the capacitance and larger resistance, more frequencies filtered! even try electrolytic capacitors! all the way up to 470uf! give it a go.
  21. High Pass Filter
    needs research!
  22. Gain / Overdrive / Treble
    needs research!
  23. Power LED Mod
    Insert a new 5V Power LED, watch out for the polarity!
  24. Internal LEDs
    Mess around with LEDs!
  25. Rechargeable Battery Mod
    For longer battery life in heavy modded Game Boys.
  26. LED VU Meter
    Insert LED VU Meter.
  27. LED Power indicator
  28. Case / Button LEDs -> RGB Case / Button LEDs
    Add LEDs inside.
  29. Wireless Game Boy Controller Cart
  30. Game Boy SNES Pad
    Build a SNES Pad inside a Game Boy housing.
  31. Game Boy Bluetooth Game Pad
  32. Game Boy Connector for NES Controller
    Build a NES connector and rewire a NES pad.
  33. Game Boy Camera Remote Control
    Build a two button controller.
  34. Renew all Game Boy Caps
    Get brandnew caps!